Problems of Business in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi businesses face difficulties finding good salesperson or Startups fail to recruit sales team in early stage which leads them to slow growth. There is no such platform in Bangladesh where salespersons can take sales assignments on their own ,like freelancing. There is also job scarcity. So, companies can exploit them with larger sales target with low salary.

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Smart Solution of the Problem

Introducing, a marketplace for
seller and salesman! In this marketplace, a seller/company can post their product / service and one or multiple salesperson can accept the task and sell / get the purchase order for
the company. Salesperson can choose their own task according to their
expertise, get paid as per successful purchase orders.

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At, we understand the challenges and opportunities that sellers and salespersons face in today’s competitive digital landscape. Whether you are an individual seller, a small business owner, or a salesperson looking to expand your customer base, we have designed our platform to cater to your unique needs. We provide a user-friendly interface with robust features and tools that simplify the selling process and enable you to reach a larger audience.

Meet with our team

Samin Yeasir Hasan
Founder / CEO

Samin Yeasir Hasan is an Business Analysts and Certified Supply Chain Annalyst. He has successfully run 10+ business in the field of Tech. and Analogy. He is currntly working on supply chain design and development.

Sudipto Mondal
Founder / CTO

Sudipto Mondal is a professional Web and Application (Android/IOS) developer having a working experience of 6 years. He has successfully deployed more than 50+ website and apps in his career.